BP: E1806
Waraba Tchatio
Bamako Mali
The socioeconomic development due to the growth demographic remains the main reason of the Natural Resource deterioration (Soil, Flora, Fauna, and Water) and their climatic impact on the environment. This situation characterizes the environmental problematic in general in the world and in developing countries in particular. What resulted in the increasing need to appraise, to analyze, to supervise and manage physical and human resources in all parts of the world, and to different ladders (local, regional and global).
Therefore, for raising such challenge in short time and to least cost, PEDGES International (Pole of Demographic Geo-Environnemental and Satellite Studies International) has been created in Mali in 2012 . PEDGES International is a field of collection, analysis, interpretation, management and of assessment of geo-environmental data and information by means of high technology methods(Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing) and its components (Data processing, numerical Cartography, Satellite Images) in sight of permitting a lasting development.To do so, PEDGES International presents some specific objectives such as following:
  • Analysis and development of demographic, geo-environmental and numeric data or information since the collection to the thematic maps development;
  • Natural and human resources assessment via the thematic maps to facilitate and improve the decision making within services and sectors of under State control activities, and under-regional or international organism;
  • Environmental pact
  • Technical contributions of continued formation