BP: E1806
Waraba Tchatio
Bamako Mali
Since more than four decades, we have been assisting the deterioration increased of natural resources owed to the socioeconomic factors following the demographic growth in developing countries. Indeed, about 100000 hectares of forests /year disappear of the plant cover of Mali causing enormous environmental problems. This figure intensifies to the world ladder. Thus, we invite you to attend us through environmental measures and to invest closely or from afar so that we have together a solution to these environmental problems that do not let indifferent person.
The Head Manager
KANE Mahamadou
PEDGES International (Pole of Demographic Geo-Environmental and Satellite Studies International) is an approved company in Mali and it is located more precisely in the north periphery of Bamako, Capital of Mali, to Yirimadjo district crossroads Waraba Tchatio It is essentially constituted by a dynamic high-level team composed by Experts, Consultants in Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, in Environment, Rural engineering, Civil engineering, Town and Country planning, Data processing, Scheduling or Planning and lasting socioeconomic development, Forestry, Geography of health, Biogeography, Geology, Economy, and in Farming so on….